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Why lead times? We simply don’t have the capabilities to build an inventory due to the high volume of orders we receive every day.

Our products are hand cut and sewn by American Citizens. When we receive your order, it is printed out and placed in a pile of order sheets. They are prioritized in this pile by the date we receive them.

The pattern cutters and sewing machine operators look at your actual order and cut/build the gear for you personally. Your order slip is then attached to your gear and is sent to be cleaned, burned, inspected, and packaged by our shipping team. All of these steps are for YOUR specific order.

We overbuild our gear and refuse to take short cuts. Does it take longer? Hell yea it does. Could we make more money by doing it the half assed way? Of course. Many businesses do, but we refuse to provide you a half assed product. Your order goes through multiple steps to ensure you receive a product that is free of defects, cosmetic issues, and is ready to hit the field at full speed. Human errors do happen, so if you receive your order and notice an issue please reach out to us.

You are not a number here. You are a valued customer. It may take longer to receive your gear, but you will receive a product that is of the highest American quality.


DESCRIPTION: Our Wind Check Pouch consists of a mesh pocket with elastic to hold most brands of wind check bottles. The no flap design makes for a silent operation, while the elastic ensures the bottle is secure. The pouch is designed to create smooth access to your bottle, without struggling to take it out or put it back in. The pouch has modular capabilities to mount onto the side of your binocular harness. 



4" HEIGHT X 3" WIDTH              

WEIGHT: 1.8 OUNCES                                  



Made in USA Gear Mesh

Made in USA 3/4 Elastic Webbing 

Made in USA Cordura Nylon Webbing

Made in USA #69 Nylon Thread

Made in USA Pull the Dot Fasteners 

Made in USA HDPE Plastic 


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Wind checker pouch

The pouch fits perfectly on my bino harness and just completes the whole system after adding it along with my rangefinder pouch. Couldn’t be happier with the whole T&K setup!!

Don B.
United States
Sturdy as a brick!

Just like the rest of the hunting products these guys make,,,, it is made to stand the test of time and torture!

Kevin M.
United States United States