True Modularity

The term PALS and MOLLE have long been used in the military over the past several decades. It's a system that was created to give users 100% customization of their gear. Our pouches are outfitted with MOLLE to mount onto any of the three PALS ladders on our binocular harness. Take control of your gear and build it how YOU want it.

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Grid Fleece

Ask any Marine infantryman about "waffle tops" and they will reminisce about the Corps. Grid Fleece holds a forever spot in our hearts, as it is some of the most versatile stuff on the planet. It's well known for being light weight, warm, breathable, and durable. We wanted to provide a beanie and neck gaiter for both the stationary and active hunter. Whether sitting in a blind or actively climbing mountains, our grid fleece head gear is a must for late season hunts.

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The importance of buying from us

Since the very beginning there was never a second thought on how to do this. From the materials to the labor it had to be Made in the USA. We now proudly employ 10 U.S. citizens within our local community in South Dakota. We pay wages well above the industry standard, provide employee benefits, and ensure they don't leave the building without a, "thank you for the hard work." Many companies use the Made in USA label as a selling point, but you never really see how it's made, where it's being made, or by whom. Always be mindful of those things, as your money supports the ground roots of a business. Feel free to join us on social media to see where our gear gets made, how, and by whom. God Bless the USA!

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