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PRE-ORDER IS OPEN FOR BOTH 31.5-32.5 and 33-35. ETA IS AUGUST 1 or before. 

Size is based on most newer bows ATA and the total cam to cam measurement of the bow.
 Use the cam to tip of cam measurement to figure the correct sling size for your bow. Many bows have small cams and a 33” ATA may be a far larger or smaller bow than another 33” ATA bow etc. Read the ATTENTION below for more information. In the event your sling does not fit your bow, we will exchange the sling for a different size with no additional charge or shipping cost.

ATTENTION: If your bow is a 35” ATA measure the overall cam to cam length. If your bow measures 39” or below, our 33/34” sling WILL FIT your bow. If your bow is a 32” ATA measure the overall cam to cam length. If your bow measures 36” or below, our 30/31” sling WILL FIT YOUR BOW THE BEST. If you happen to have a 33 inch ATA with smaller cams, please measure overall length. You may have to order a smaller case using the information above. Keep in mind, the 31.5” to 32.5” sling is for bows near 37” in overall length. The 33/34 is for bows that are 38” to 39” in total length. 


28-29.5- 17.2 oz. 

30-31-18 oz.

31.5-32.5- 18.3 oz.

33-34a 18.8 oz

-1000D Cordura 

-Spacer Mesh to protect your cams and strings-

1.5 inch Cordura webbing shoulder sling/strap with triglides for adjustability

-1 inch locking straps to ensure you bow stays secure in the sling 

-Cordura and Spacer Mesh Sight Cover (will fit any sight) 

-4 molle ladders to mount pouches for a release, range finder, admin supplies, and other essentials. 

-USA Leather Cowhide Patch 

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