Range Finder Pouch (Pre-Order)

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2-3 week manufacture to ship pre-order!

Our range finder pouch is made with 500D/1000D Cordura depending on color/camo. Yes, the same sh!t our military uses to kick some terrorist ass! The pouch is lined with spacer mesh to give your range finder both a secure and protective fit. The pouch is outfitted with 5.8 pound pull rare earth magnetics. This ensures low noise, with a strong and secure closure. The pouch is outfitted with molle to secure onto either side of your T and K Binocular Harness. 


The dimensions are 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and a 1.5 inch depth. What’s the weight? Who gives a sh!t. A couple ounces won’t kill your ass. This pouch should fit MOST range finders. Be sure to measure your range finder prior to ordering. 


As always, don’t use magnetics with a heart pace maker. We don’t want your ass going down over some badass American Made gear.