Butt Stock Pack (Garage Sale)

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DESCRIPTION: Our butt stock packs are great for rifle, muzzleloader, and shotguns. The internal spacer mesh lining provides great shock absorption. The adjustable cheek pad helps many shooters with stabilization, comfort, and maintaining proper anchor points. The butt stock pack can be used by both left and right shooters. Both sides have MOLLE to mount a variety of pouches on to include our zippererd admin pouch. This is a great way to hold dope cards, ammunition, and other items you need quick access to. The Cordura webbing and Velcro straps tighten the pack to prevent slipping and sliding on your stock. 

SIZE:  One size fits most non custom butt stocks



Made in USA 1/4" Spacer Mesh 

Made in USA Cordura Nylon Webbing

Made in USA Hook and Loop Velcro 

Made in USA 1” Grosgrain Binding

Made in USA #69 Nylon Thread