Gift A Warrior


Paying it forward in the form of gear contributions for our nation’s veterans started out as a couple one-off’s, but has since grown into an outright tradition at T&K. We’d like to remind you that no contribution is too small or large; some give $10, while some purchase full pieces of gear. We accept and keep track of these generous donations and gift them to veterans outright or by hosting giveaways. There are plenty of things to be proud of as a small business owner, but nothing compares to witnessing this domino effect take place and outfitting our veterans with reliable gear to enjoy the outdoors in. Thank you!

If you would like to buy gear for a veteran or help purchase gear for a veteran, please send your contribution to our PayPal account and include any specifics within the “message,” section.


Please contact our Marketing Director, Hannah with any questions.

**DISCLAIMER** T&K Hunting Gear treats these funds as full payment for our gear. That being said, we pay for all shipping and gear fix costs to the veteran being outfitted, but we still take a profit on said gear as if it were a regular sale. Whatever you contribute will be placed toward a regular full price piece of gear. send 50 dollars to help buy a piece of gear for a veteran. We then deduct 50 dollars from a full price piece of gear and continue to do that until that piece of gear is paid in full. It then goes out to a veteran! 🇺🇸