Custom Bino Harness

**Please copy and paste the form at the bottom of this page and fill out the necessary information. Send the completed form to**


Main Pouch, Inside Flap, Magnetic Strip, Side Pouch, Shoulder Pad, Back Pad- 


Title the Email "Custom Harness Request" 

Copy the below form, fill out, and send to Proceed to purchase a custom binocular harness in the shop for your order to be completed. 

Main Pouch- 

Inside Flap-

Magnetic Strip- 

Side Pouch- 

Shoulder Pad- 

Back Pad- 

1 inch Nylon (Molle Fluorescent/Coyote/Black/Ranger)-

2 inch Nylon (Vertical Black/Coyote/Ranger)-

1.5 inch side and shoulder straps (Coyote/Black/Ranger)-

1.5 inch Elastic for buckles (Coyote/Black/Ranger)-

D Rings(Black/Coyote Brown)- 

Buckles(Black/Coyote Brown)-

Mesh (Outside Black/Coyote)-

Mesh (Inside Black/Coyote)-

Range Finder/GPS/Admin pouches inside (Black/Coyote)- 

Velcro (Coyote/Ranger)- 

T and K Patch open for Reed Calls?