Support Made in the USA

Support Made in the USA

          Our story starts off a little different than most. In fact, we are so new, most people have no idea we only started T and K Hunting Gear in September of 2018. It all started with an idea, which has transpired into multiple products, many sales, and more products to come. Our vision for this company was pretty basic, but we wanted our core values to be our strength, our selling point, and one thing we would always hold true to. No matter what, make it American, build it tough, and form life long relationships within the industry. The customer isn’t always right, but they sure are the backbone of any successful business. A business that forgets this, has forgotten one of the main core values it was built upon. 

          Many businesses within the industry have indeed forgotten the customer. Outsourcing overseas occurs to peak their profits, and the price tag dictates a worth which isn’t there. Have businesses truly forgot what it’s like to be a consumer? A middle class worker, with bills to pay, and a family to support? These people are the foundation of America. They deserve a quality product, as they're the ones driving a majority of the business in this country. In fact, along with quality, every U.S. Citizen deserves products that are built in the USA. It should be our priority, as our very country was established on the American Dream. The American Dream wasn't established in Vietnam or China based factories. If we look around our house, our job sites, and while browsing through stores, you will see thousands of products that were established years ago off the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of Americans. Made in the USA is becoming a rare commodity. Why? Because, as a society, we simply can't get rich enough. We look at money as the entirety of success, instead of looking at morals, pride, and being content with a comfortable and hard earned living.

          As a society, we have allowed businesses to control what we want or need as a consumer. Meaning, we have been forced to "think" cheaper is better, and said products are of good standing and quality. There is no accountability, and we receive products that break, rip, tear, and fail at what they’re intended to do. In fact, overseas production not only lowers the quality of product, it drastically cripples the U.S. economy. The work force in China does not care if your products are improperly made, fail, or what you pay for it. They don’t know you, they will never speak, or meet you in person. Yet, we line up at the doors, buy products, and only take one major thing into account. The price. It makes sense, as most of us are not making six or 7 figures a year. We have a mortgage to pay, fuel to put into the car, and mouths to feed. Yet, we purchase these products, and a year or two later it’s torn, broke, and in the trash. We go out and proceed to do it all over again, and the vicious cycle repeats itself. Think about it, how much money are we really saving? Every time we buy a product, we must look at it as an investment. That’s exactly what it is, but it’s an investment that can either benefit you or totally screw you.

          The dread continues with warranties, which are limited, stipulated, and proclaim, “we don’t really trust our product, but that's okay! We will make more money off of you in three years when it breaks.” Ya sit on the phone with someone overseas, trying to get a replacement, from someone who again, doesn’t really care about your problem, the company, or your thoughts and feelings. You wait 30 minutes, hang up in frustration, curse, and become absolutely livid for the rest of the day. Heck, at times, you may even get debunked on a product under warranty and told to go pound sand. They don’t care, as your 100 dollars doesn’t impact their 50 million dollar company in the grand scheme of things.

          Small businesses give a damn. Why? Because we rely on our customers for a living. They're the most vital part of our body, and truly the backbone of our entire endeavor. At T and K Hunting Gear, we are always a phone call away. No matter what time or day. Your money is not only an investment into a product. It's an investment into a friendship..and a growing community of respectable, hard working, patriotic, and talented American hunters.

          When we really gather our thoughts and think deeply about it. Is the cheap way really the best way? Is it the investment we should and want to be making? Is it worth the stress, frustration, and the ever so common statement, “well, that was a waste of money”.

          We made this blog for a few purposes. We wanted to further express what T and K Hunting Gear is all about, and why we started this venture in the first place. As consumers, we have really failed to hold businesses accountable. We have been manipulated, pushed around, and have accepted it. Not because we want to accept it, but because we have been forced to accept it. Smaller businesses are struggling, and larger corporations are becoming richer by the day. Every day, American factories are closing, shops are boarding up windows, and the American Dream of “Made in the USA” is dying.

          We don’t make much of a profit here and that’s okay. In fact, our material and production costs far outweigh our profits. We have been told countless times to raise prices, do this, and do that. But, it’s something we simply refuse to do. We not only want to be competitive within the market, we want every hunter, no matter what their income is, to afford and enjoy our gear.  Many business owners would laugh, as we're not on the road to being some large entity. Our richness is not in money. It’s in happy customers, friendships, and a chance to live our “American Dream.” Built American, built tough, and providing family customer service. For us, it's the right way..and the only way.